2015 – The year of focus and learning

The New Year is knocking on the doors, which brings an opportunity to reflect on what happened with TrainedOn in the past year. To put it into perspective, going from a hobby to an incubator in 2013 and then launching our product and tweaking the business last year, 2015 is best characterised by the words focus and learning, as it brought the most learning about our potential customers, which resulted in steady growth.

What were the highlights?

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Team Canvas – Get your team on the same page

This is a guest post by Alex Ivanov. Alex and his team developed a simple-to-use and very visual framework called Team Canvas for teambuilding and team alignment that is available freely to anyone under Creative Commons licence. We are grateful to Alex for having shared this great tool with the facilitators’ community, and also glad to announce that you can find Team Canvas resources on SessionLab both in the library and as a Featured Session – so you can seamlessly integrate it in your next session plan if you decide to do so.

On average, only 46 out of 100 workgroups within organizations end up creating value for companies, and up to 92% of freshly created startup teams are destined to fail for various reason. A study mentioned by Harvard Business School professor Noam Wasserman suggests that 60+% of those reasons are related to problems within teams, e.g. miscommunication, unresolved conflicts, co-founder disagreements, key players leaving teams at pivotal moments and so on.

What makes it even worse is that the tools for team maintenance and leadership for various reasons are not easily available to small teams like startups and creative agencies, and are not widely used within even bigger companies.

Here is a simple question: Is there something you personally can do to make the team you work in more successful and productive? We suggest that simply put, yes.

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More than 100 exercises in our new library

We are thrilled to introduce the TrainedOn Library of content blocks. You can already find more than 100 handpicked exercises collected from free public sources that you can search and filter by suggested number of participants, length of exercise and topics. Once you have found the exercise that fits, you can easily add it to your session plans.

Do you have an exercise that you would like to share with the community of trainers? Feel free to add your favourite exercises to the library. Our vision is to build the best public repository of training or workshop content knowledge and your contribution is more than welcome!

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5 most useful free online sources for training activities

Good icebreakers, exercises, and energisers are essential for an engaging and effective training. It takes careful consideration to choose the right activities for your training, the ones that will fit perfectly with your learning objectives, group size, the profile of participants, and the time available.

UPDATE We have added 4 more links that you, our readers recommended, so be sure to check them out at the end of the article.

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What did the year 2014 bring?

We are reaching the end of 2014 – a year that brought big steps forward for TrainedOn, even if it felt like a big rollercoaster ride sometimes. Looking back at where have we been a year ago, we have a smile on our face when seeing regular user activity in TrainedOn and increased anticipation to build it further.

Behind the scenes the past year was almost entirely spent in remote working by our team, which brought new challenges to tackle. In this post we want to reflect on what have we achieved, and what have we learnt about the market and running our company.

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Trainers and coaches in the Netherlands: Share your digital tools and technologies used in training

Inspired by a recent blog post on lack of digital tools to support trainers and in our effort to promote sharing of practices and tips between trainers, we are organizing a first trainers’ meet up in the Netherlands. You can find below the description of the event and register on facebook or meetup.com.

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