Multi-day agendas available in SessionLab

Multiday workshop agenda

Ever since we released the first version of SessionLab, we received many requests to develop a better option to create multi-day agendas.

It is a frequent scenario that a workshop or training session spans longer than a day, and previously the only option was to create two separate sessions for each day and then trying to manage them together in the multi-plan view. That was certainly a cumbersome way to deal with such sessions.

We are happy to announce that support for multi-day agendas is now available in SessionLab!

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Introducing the new dashboard in SessionLab

Over the past months, we received a lot of suggestions about how to improve the dashboard, as it became harder and harder to have a good overview if you one many sessions created or shared with.

Now we are happy to announce the new redesigned dashboard as the solution to always stay on top of what’s happening on your own or in your team’s workspace!

What’s new there?

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TrainedOn is now SessionLab

2016 was an inspiring year for us. Many facilitators discovered our platform, we worked on and delivered exciting new features, and we continued learning and growing along the way. As the year comes to a close we have one more important announcement left: we are changing the name of our platform to SessionLab. While there is no change in the features and functionality of the platform, you can continue reading our reflection on the past few years and reasons behind the name change.

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