Why are there no digital tools for professional trainers?

Despite the obvious teething problems, e-learning is sweeping through the worlds of education and corporate training. EdTech start-ups are increasingly the target of generous funding and investment. Classroom innovation — especially using interactive technology — is a multi-billion dollar business.

Education is being rapidly and dramatically transformed by technology. Except, it seems, in one area: the business itself of professional training, where a generic, unfit-for-purpose and un-integrated set of tools is the trainer’s resource of choice. Or is it the only choice? Online desk research comes up with a big fat zero when one seeks for dedicated professional tools for trainers.

You might argue that, for example, there is Microsoft PowerPoint and that everyone uses that software to create training presentations — and it works fine, surely?

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Training preparation – the start of a training workflow

The key to a good training is preparation. General rule of thumb says, when preparing a standard training you should spend around 3 hours of preparation for 1 hour of training. And this just covers the average case, while if you are new to a given training topic or the topic is rather complex, the time spent can increase drastically.

But what is considered preparation? The preparation can include communicating to your clients and/or participants, drafting the training outline, arranging the logistics, creating/updating the training materials, etc. If we take the mentioned formula, for a one day training workshop a good preparation would take 2-3 days. Can all these elements of preparation fit in such a short time?

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