TrainedOn is now SessionLab

2016 was an inspiring year for us. Many facilitators discovered our platform, we worked on and delivered exciting new features, and we continued learning and growing along the way. As the year comes to a close we have one more important announcement left: we are changing the name of our platform to SessionLab. While there is no change in the features and functionality of the platform, you can continue reading our reflection on the past few years and reasons behind the name change.

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2015 – The year of focus and learning

The New Year is knocking on the doors, which brings an opportunity to reflect on what happened with TrainedOn in the past year. To put it into perspective, going from a hobby to an incubator in 2013 and then launching our product and tweaking the business last year, 2015 is best characterised by the words focus and learning, as it brought the most learning about our potential customers, which resulted in steady growth.

What were the highlights?

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2013 in review

We have passed into 2014, and besides the great wishes for the upcoming year, it is an opportunity to reflect on what happened with us in the past year.

The year 2013 was a breakthrough for us. The side-project we started doing as a hobby turned into an actual business that engaged us fully and showed we have the potential to make an impact on the world.

We started with having a simple landing page, a logo, and a team with many plans. Now we are looking forward to 2014 after we launched a new landing page and our blog, had awesome meetings all over Europe, moved to Tallinn, founded a company, learned a lot, designed and coded a prototype and pitched to the first potential customers and investors. We are few steps away from the beta release of TrainedOn, and we cannot wait to make a dent in the universe of education!

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